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Hello everybody!

As someone who was pretty much always influenced by the punk-alternative scene from my teenage years till date, choosing to wear something edgy be it in colour or mostly black I always looked to the West (American/Brit/French) or Japanese culture for style inspiration. Let’s not beat around the bush, they had the best street style. As I grew older, however, I realised that my conviction in “style makes a man”, is what got me obsessed with fashion and  I knew street style is what makes my game and to be honest its super woke.




I can’t stress this point enough but street style as I said before has been a huge influence on how I choose to dress and it continues to do so. I love flipping through pages of magazines, or blogs on the internet or heck, even Instagram for style inspiration. I love to see how people choose to express themselves via what they are wearing. Some people have stories like they’re protesting for a cause or someone is deeply influenced by an artist or someone chooses to wear what they want simply because they don’t give two fucks about what other people think about them. Personally, I prefer the last one, but I also choose to be chic, at the same time maintaining beliefs.




That being said, that’s exactly what I find in Seoul streetwear. South Korea has taken the street-wear game very seriously and took it up a notch! You can find simple & chic to rocker to even the weirdest fashion around the streets of Seoul but what truly excites me is that boys and girls, men and women do not hesitate to take risks in their fashion choices. “Fuck the world man” as it goes. From what I’ve noticed, they too draw a lot of influences from the West mostly from America and the East aka Japan, a lot of Harajuku if I may say so.


The Best Outerwear From Seoul Fashion Week SS17


The question now is: Why I’m currently in love with Korean Street Wear?

Well first obviously, Korean fashion has taken the global fashion scene by a storm. Characterised by high-impact logos with a hint of irony, Seoul streetwear is gaining a lot of attention across the world. It certainly did mine, well mostly because I live by the rules of sarcastically fabulous rebellion and this scene is absolutely fantastic.

I like how no one is afraid to play by their own rules where logos represent a huge part of Korean fashion. Although I’m not a big fan of colour but Korean fashion is unique in its own way, with modern techniques and a fresh burst of ideas which is creepy in a way but is also kind of refreshing in its own postmodernist reconstruction of style.  Yes, I love to be feminine with a bit of edge, sort of like a cherry bomb, and what’s great is that Seoul has that on the offer too!

I feel its mostly due to the technological revolution across the world that has given leverage to young S Koreans to unabashedly express their style purely keeping in mind an aestheticism associated with fashion. Korean streetwear today represents breaking away from outdated notions and is all about free expression and individualism. Well, what can I say, that’s all you need in streetwear right?

On the street… Ryu Kyunga Seoul fashion week 2016 SS



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